How to Repair Corrupted AVI File?

AVI is a multimedia file container which was introduced by Microsoft Corp. It is commonly known as Audio Video Interleave. AVI video files are saved in .avi extensions. AVI file contains both videos along with audio data that allows simultaneous audio video playback. It uses DivX compression technique, by which its display incredible video quality along with small AVI file size. It also contains additional information like still images and subtitle.

Nowadays, there are many gadgets like digital cameras, camcorders generates video file in .avi format which is playable by almost all popular media players. However, there is always a chance for AVI file corruption due to various causes. If your AVI has got damaged or corrupted and you are looking for a way to repair AVI file then, you can make the use of the advanced AVI repairing program because there is no manual way to repair it. AVI Repair tool is one of the advanced repair application which helps you to repair corrupt AVI file easily. Before talking about the features of this program let us talk about the ways by which AVI file being gets damaged.

Some most common reasons behind AVI file corruption or damaging which lead to AVI file corruption:

Improper Download: During downloading AVI file from the net, if any type of interruption occurs such as unstable internet connectivity, power surge, etc. then AVI file become incomplete and it may get corrupted and becomes unreachable.

Transferring Interruption: Sharing AVI file is the most common things. While transferring AVI file, if the device is abruptly ejected from the system, then it leads to corruption of AVI files.

Incorrect Codec: If an error occurs while installing the codec in the system, then it will lead to the corruption in codec. If you try to play an AVI file on damaged codec, then it will make the AVI inaccessible or it may get corrupted.

Third Party Utility: Virus is the computer program which enters in system unknowably through internet or external media. It is most common reason behind AVI file corruption as it damages the header of AVI file. So, if your AVI video gets infected by virus, then you might be unable to play it on media player.

Other Causes: Abrupt ejection, bad sector, file conversion by unreliable third party tool, trying to open an AVI file on an unsupported media player, etc.

Whatever can be a reason behind AVI file corruption, you can repair AVI files by making the use of Repair AVI application. It is an advanced program which enables you to perform damaged, corrupted or inaccessible AVI file repairs without any difficulty. Let us talk about some features of this application:

  • It is a read only utility which means it does not modify the original file, it simply creates a new AVI file and extract the information from old file and put it in to new one.
  • It also supports to repair AVI file Windows system like Windows Server 2008, Win Vista, Win 8, Win XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 7.
  • Preview option of this tool enable you to check the repaired AVI file before saving it to the destination.
  • Repairs damaged, corrupted AVI, DivX, Xvid, video file easily.
  • Can easily perform AVI repairing process from various storage devices such as Hard Drives, Memory Cards, USB drives.
  • It enables you to repair AVI file Mac such as Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Mavericks Lion and Yosemite.

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Simple steps to fix corrupt AVI file:

1: Launch the installed demo version of AVI Repair tool. You will get welcome window as shown in Figure 1. Select the AVI file where it is stored in the hard drive by using Browse button.

Figure 1: Welcome Window

2: You will be opted to select the preferred scan method for repairing corrupt AVI file and extract the lost information as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Select Scan Method

3: Upon selecting desired scan method, set the destination path and click on Repair button to proceed. Once the repair process is finished, you can take the preview as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Preview AVI File

4: Evaluate the repair results using preview option. If you are happy with the results obtained using demo version, buy the full version of the software to save the repaired file with recovered data.

Figure 4: Repaired AVI Video File