How to Recover Deleted Contacts from MS Outlook

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Many corporate and the home user uses the Outlook tool provide by MS Office, as it is the most used tool around the globe. Because it provides many options like saving contacts, meetings, calendar, notes, documents and you can see your internet account being offline also. As it provides many useful attributes, any damage or loss of these attributes you find it hard to work without them. And might get panic? But hang on, there is no need to get panic as you can recover deleted contacts from the Outlook and other attributes by using the MS Outlook PST Repair tool. Among all the Outlook attributes, Contacts are a bit more important as there are used to connect you with the people you want to stay connected. In big corporate, the contacts play a vital role to be on the market. So the loss of them can make you suffer a lot as an organization.

As the contacts are saved in the PST files, any damage to your PST file will result in deletion of contacts and other MS outlook attributes. There are a number of reasons by which a PST file gets corrupted and contacts may get deleted.

Reasons for Losing Contacts from Microsoft Outlook:

PST Oversize: PST oversize is the main reason for losing or deletion of outlook Contacts, emails, calendar and other attributes. When your PST exceeds its limit of 2GB it gets corrupted, enabling the user to access the content of the file.

Due to Compacting: When you try to compact your data in your PST file, at times your PST file may get corrupted and you might delete all the important contacts.

Due to Migration: During migration, your PST file may get corrupted. Whether it may be a change of MS Office version or there may a transfer of PST file from one system to another.

Virus Infection: This is one of the common reasons for losing contacts from an Outlook. As viruses are harmful to your computer data and your PST files are also not an exception. Virus infection may corrupt your PST file and make your contacts inaccessible for you.

User Errors: Many of us commit mistakes or make errors while using MS Office Outlook. It may be the improper closing of application, abrupt saving of a file or deleting a wrong file. These all count for deletion of contacts from your Outlook.

You need to react quickly as soon as you delete your contacts from the Outlook. The first thing to do is stop using the application as it may overwrite the deleted contacts and other deleted data. Check for the backup if you have, otherwise the best thing to do is utilize the Microsoft PST Repair tool. The tool fixes corrupt Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 PST file and recovers contacts, emails, and all other Outlook attributes. You can use the MS Office inbuilt option scanpst.exe to fix the corrupted PST but the success rate is less as compared to the failure. But by using Microsoft PST Repair tool, you can recover MS Outlook 2010 calendar items, contacts, email, journals, notes, etc without any failure. It is available in Demo and Full versions. So you need to download and get free of problems like repair PST, recover contacts, email, calendars and other attributes of an Outlook. The toolkit acts as a PST email recovery tool to recover lost or deleted email messages.

How to recover deleted contacts from Outlook:

1: Run the installed demo version of the Microsoft PST Repair tool to get the main window of the software as shown in Figure 1. Select the path of a PST file from which you have lost emails.

Recover Deleted Contacts From Outlook - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

2: After selecting a suitable option, you will be asked to select the preferred scan method as shown in Figure 2. Select the desired method based on the severity of PST file corruption.

Recover Deleted Contacts From Outlook - Choose Scan Method

Figure 2: Choose Scan Method

3: After scanning and repair process is completed, the list of recovered contacts will be displayed as shown in Figure 3. Evaluate the results using a preview option of the software.

Recover Deleted Contacts From Outlook - preview Recovered Contacts

Figure 3: preview Recovered Contacts