How to Repair & Recover Outlook 2010 Mailbox?

  • Repairs and recovers corrupted PST file, and Mailbox from Outlook 2010
  • Fixes and saves the repaired PST file in Outlook 2003 - 2016 format for easy import
  • Along with the Mailbox, it also recovers deleted emails, contacts, appointments, RSS Feeds, tasks, calendar entries, notes, etc.
  • Saved the repaired and recoevred emails in EML, MSG, and PDF format

These days, there are various applications available on the market through which you can communicate with one another for personal as well as business purpose. But email is considered the most reliable way for a user to communicate with people across the globe. Hence Microsoft designed an email client called as Microsoft Outlook, which offers the fastest means of communication and Microsoft Outlook 2010 being its latest release.

Outlook 2010 mailbox consists of many important folders such as Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, Junk E-mail and Unread Emails to store all incoming and outgoing emails from your Outlook 2010 profile and all these emails and other items are stored in a single file called as Personal Storage Table (PST) file on your computer hard drive.

Although Outlook 2010 application is an easy to use and a reliable application, even it is not free from errors and corruption. The mailbox of an Outlook 2010 application gets corrupt and inaccessible due to several situations. Even though Microsoft provides an Inbox Repair utility to repair such corruption, but the truth is that Inbox Repair tool fails to repair your Outlook 2010 mailbox in case of severe corruption. In such circumstances, you need to use a reliable utility like Outlook 2010 Mailbox Repair tool to fix your corrupt/damaged Outlook mailbox and to fix Outlook errors.

Scenarios responsible for Outlook mailbox corruption:

  • Outlook Upgradation: Upgrading Outlook from one version to another like Outlook 2007 to 2010 to use advanced features, sometimes end up in Outlook mailbox corruption
  • PST Header Corruption: PST header file is a very important component which stores much information related to emails and other elements, hence any issue with this file results in PST file corruption making Outlook mailbox inaccessible
  • Compacting PST File: Compacting a PST file refers to reducing the size of PST file, and if any interruption occurs during the compacting process then it leads to PST file damage and the Outlook mailbox corruption.
  • Oversized PST file: If MS Outlook PST file exceeds its maximum storage limit, then there are possibilities of Outlook 2010 mailbox corruption
  • Other Reasons: Sharing PST file on different networks, bad sectors on hard disk, virus infection, migrating Outlook from one version to another are some of the other reasons for Outlook mailbox corruption

Irrespective of the reason behind Outlook 2010 mailbox corruption, this can be fixed using Microsoft PST repair tool as mentioned above. Outlook 2010 Mailbox Repair tool is a powerful utility to fix Outlook mailbox corruption in a safe and secure way. This tool can even repair Microsoft Outlook data file that is corrupted due to various reasons. This application is read-only which ensures that the original PST file is neither damaged nor modified during the repair process. Apart from Outlook 2010, the software also fixes PST file created using other Outlook versions like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2013 and 2016. Here you will find complete details about how to fix PST file on Outlook 2003.

More to this, Outlook Mailbox Repair tool by default recovers all deleted and lost Outlook emails while repairing corrupt PST file and furthermore the software is compatible to run on all the latest versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Check out this page link to learn how to use this tool on a Windows 7 based system.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Terminate Microsoft Outlook application before starting repair operation
  • Regularly backup your important Outlook PST file on a reliable storage devices
  • Never interrupt while upgrading or migrating the Outlook application
  • Update your antivirus application on a weekly or monthly basis to get rid of viruses

Steps to Repair Outlook 2010 Mailbox:

1: Download and install the Microsoft PST Repair utility on your PC. After launching the program, you will get a welcome window as shown in Figure 1. Select the path of the PST file where it is stored on the hard drive by using the "Browse" button.

Outlook 2010 Mailbox Repair Tool - Welcome Window

Figure 1: Welcome Window

2: You will be opted to select the preferred scan method between "Normal Scan" and "Smart scan" for repairing corrupt PST file. Select the required scan method based on the severity of corruption. If the PST file is severely corrupted then go for "Smart scan" if not work with "Normal Scan" as shown in Figure 2.

Outlook 2010 Mailbox Repair Tool - Select Scanning Method

Figure 2: Select Scanning Method

3: After this, click on "Repair" button to initiate the repairing process. Once the repair process is finished, you will get a list of recovered items as shown in Figure 3. Evaluate the chances of recovery using the preview option. If you are satisfied with the results, purchase the licensed version of the tool to save repaired PST file data.

Outlook 2010 Mailbox Repair Tool - Repaired PST File

Figure 3: Repaired PST File