How to Open a Recovered Outlook File?

How to repair a recovered PST file that ended up in corruption after recovering? Stop worrying and download the free edition of Microsoft PST Repair Tool that opens and repairs recovered PST file effirtlessly, and allows free preview of the repaired file. Download now!!!

Microsoft Outlook is a very handy and most widely used email client on the planet. The major strength of Outlook lies in its PST (Personal storage Table), as this stores all the major components such as mails, calendars, contacts, distributions, journals and many other useful attributes. Hence these files are very important and losing or corruption to this file will result in many hardships for its users as they don’t have any knowledge about how to open recovered Outlook files after PST file corruption.

For example you formatted your Windows operating system and lost your PST file, and somehow you were able to recover that Outlook file (PST) using a third party application. But, when you tried to use that PST file, it refused to open and an error message popped up saying that the recovered PST file is corrupt and inaccessible. The PST file had many of your important mail conversations and many other attributes, so what do you do now? No worries, you can easily overcome such problem and open recovered Outlook files by fixing the corrupt PST file using Microsoft PST Repair Tool. To learn more refer this:

Other than the above mentioned issue, there are several other causes for MS Outlook file (PST) corruption. Some of the most prominent reasons are explained below:

  • Most common reason that causes corruption to PST file is due to improper termination of Microsoft Outlook application. Sometimes users carelessly close their Outlook application when the software is synchronizing or performing “Send / Receive” operation, which will eventually result in PST file corruption.
  • Virus / Malware infection onto Outlook file is also a reason for corruption, usually such deadly viruses enter the system from unknown sources and damages the structure of the PST file which severely corrupts it.
  • Even though MS Outlook 2007 and 2010 supports larger PST file size, but it is always suggested to keep your PST file size in a control way, because many a times Outlook files get corrupt due to oversized PST file size.
  • Outlook up gradation is another reason for PST file corruption, upgrading of Outlook from one version to another in order to use advanced features will also result in PST file corruption.
  • Other reasons are file system corruption, operating system reinstallation, sudden power failure, sharing Outlook file on other networks, server crash, application malfunction etc.

If you have encountered any of the above mentioned scenarios which resulted in PST file corruption, then no need to get disappointed. Use Microsoft PST Repair Tool to repair and open the recovered Outlook file, it is a wonderful repair utility to fix severely corrupt or damaged Outlook file. How to open a recovered outlook file question is now having suitable optimum solution as Microsoft PST Repair program.

Microsoft PST Repair Tool is an all in one repair application to fix your recovered Outlook file and open the file on Microsoft Outlook application. The repair software uses advanced repair algorithm and mends Outlook file and by default retrieves all deleted Outlook attributes like calendar entries, contacts, attachments, notes, appointments etc. It even allows you to perform PST email recovery to recover deleted or lost emails. The best thing about using this utility is that the application works on read only mode, i.e. it doesn’t modify or change the contents of the Outlook file while repairing process and repair and open the recovered outlook files in few minutes. In addition to this the software provides free trial download through which you can check the performance of the application and if you are happy with the outcome then go for the licensed version.

Follow the below procedure to open recovered Outlook files:

After completion of repair process --->Open Microsoft Outlook application --->Click on “File” tab then “Open” --->“Outlook Data File” ---> Browse for the location where you saved your recovered PST file --->Choose your PST file and click “OK” ---> Now, the recovered Outlook file will be opened on your “Navigation Panel”

Things to Remember:

Recover your important PST file using a reliable file recovery application, make use of antivirus application to remove malwares, terminate your Outlook software while repairing PST file, avoid sharing your PST file on unknown networks, regularly backup your important PST file on reliable storage device.

Learn How to Open a Recovered Outlook PST File:

1: Launch the installed demo version of Microsoft PST repair tool. You will get welcome window as shown in Figure 1. Select the path of PST file where it is stored in the hard drive by using Browse button. If you are not sure about the location of PST file, search for it using Find option.

How to Open a Recovered Outlook File - Welcome Window

Figure 1: Welcome Window

2: You will be opted to select the preferred scan method for repairing corrupt PST file and extract the lost information as shown in Figure 2.

How to Open a Recovered Outlook File - Select Scanning Method

Figure 2: Select Scanning Method

3: Upon selecting desired scan method, set the destination path and click on Repair button to proceed. Once the repair process is finished, you will get list of recovered items in Outlook styled browser as shown in Figure 3.

How to Open a Recovered Outlook File - Repaired PST Data

Figure 3: Repaired PST File

4: Evaluate the recovery results using preview option. If you are happy with the results obtained using demo version, buy the full version of the software to save and open the recovered Outlook data.