Quick Method to Fix Broken Outlook PST File

Microsoft Outlook is used by many people around the world for managing emails. Not only email messages, it is also used for scheduling tasks, storing contacts, organizing calendar, keeping notes and many more. All this information of Outlook is stored inside a single file called PST (Personal storage table). This Outlook PST file resides in the computer hard disk. Therefore it is more liable to corruption which further leads to loss of data.

Consider a situation where you were busy in using Outlook for sending/receiving important mails to your office clients. Due to a sudden power outage, your computer got terminated for few minutes. When you accessed Outlook to finish your work, the PST file started to freeze and later displayed an error message stating PST file not responding. In this circumstance, just restarting computer will not help you as it is the indication of PST file corruption due to abrupt closing of Outlook application while it was processing mails. In such case, you have to repair corrupt MS Outlook .pst file with of reliable repair tool like PST Repair. By the help of this eminent tool, you can resolve all the issues and recover lost emails when Outlook is not responding.

Possible scenarios behind a corrupt Outlook PST file:

Over size of PST files: Latest Outlook versions support large sized PST files i.e. 2 to 50 GB. However, it is recommended to keep PST file size in control that is below 10GB. Over the period its size increase and exceed the ideal limits which might result in corruption of PST file.

Virus intrusion: When you connect virus infected devices to your PC or when you download virus infected files from internet, there are chances that your PST file may get damaged due to harmful virus attack on your computer.

Other reasons: A PST file containing all the Outlook items may get corrupt and result in data loss due to inappropriate upgradation of Outlook application, improper OS re-installation, hard drive malfunction, etc.

When a PST file is damaged you can try fixing it using built-in Outlook repair tool Scanpst.exe. It can fix PST file having some minor issues. But when PST file severely corrupted it is suggested to use an efficient third party tool like PST repair. This repairing application is suggested from both normal users and industry experts. Let's see some of the features of PST repair app that makes it separate from other Outlook PST repair tools available in market.

Salient features of PST repair utility:

  • PST repair comes with advanced repairing mechanism that can significantly repair damaged Outlook PST file and restores all Outlook items like email messages, RSS feeds, notes, tasks, calendar events, contacts, account settings, etc. Visit here: http://www.microsoftpstrepairtool.com/recover-sent-items-in-outlook.html to read more more on how to recover Sent Items in Outlook.
  • It also has the capability to mend damaged Microsoft Outlook PST for retrieving email message properties such as From, To, CC, BCC, Subject, and also mail attachments containing images.
  • It is able to repair corrupt MS Outlook .pst file which cannot be repaired using Outlook inbox repair tool Scanpst.exe.
  • By employing this reliable tool you can fix PST file Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 on different Windows operating systems.
  • This software has easy user interface by which a user can fix bad Outlook PST file without facing any confusions. If any query arises during repairing operation, user can avail the benefit of 24x7 technical assistance.
  • PST repair tool also provides free demo version by which you check its repairing efficiency. It also comes with an option called "preview" which helps to view repaired PST file contents.

Steps to repair damaged Outlook PST File:

1: Run installed demo version of Microsoft PST repair tool. You will find a home window as shown in Figure 1. Choose path of the damaged PST file where it is stored in hard disk drive by using Browse option. If you don't know are the location of damaged PST file, search for it using Find option.

Repair Damaged Outlook PST File - Welcome Window

Figure 1: Welcome Window

2: Select the preferred scan method for repairing damaged Outlook PST file. Upon selecting scan method, Browse the destination path and hit Repair button.

Repair Damaged Outlook PST File  - Select Scan Method

Figure 2: Select Scan Method

3:  Once the broken PST file repair process is over, you will get list of repaired items in MS Outlook style browser view as shown in Figure 3.

Repair Damaged Outlook PST File - Repaired PST Data

Figure 3: Repaired PST Data