Microsoft PST Repair Tool

Microsoft PST Repair ToolHow to Repair Outlook PST File?

  • Powerful Outlook utility to repair corrupt PST file and recover lost emails, contacts, tasks and more
  • Read-only tool which will not modify original PST file during repair and recovery
  • Repair Outlook Inbox on PST file created using Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Easy to use tool that can repair and restore deleted folders of MS Outlook 2007

Do you have a corrupt PST file? Unable to access MS Outlook data due to PST file corruption??? You might be one of them who have lost access to their valuable Outlook data due to PST corruption. But are you one of them, who are still looking for a way to repair the corrupted PST file and recover all the valuable Outlook data??

Don't Fret!!! Here comes Microsoft PST repair tool, an advanced Outlook PST repair program designed to fix damaged PST file and recover lost Outlook data. We all are well addicted to Microsoft Outlook in order to have rich email experience with its outstanding features. One of the major disadvantages with Outlook is corruption of PST file, where the entire user saved data resides. For those who have lost their valued information due to corruption of PST file, PST repair tool serves the best. Employing this tool, you can fix corrupt Outlook 2003 PST file and restore lost Outlook attributes at your finger tips without facing any difficulties.

Why to choose Microsoft PST Repair Tool?

Microsoft PST repair tool will be the optimum choice for fixing PST file and recovering lost data. Its powerful repair algorithms and simple user interface gives you the best results in repairing Outlook PST file. Moreover, it is a read-only application i.e. your original PST file remains intact at repair and recovery process. It just scans the damaged PST file to extract all the stored data and creates a new healthy PST file with extracted information, which you can directly import back to your existing Outlook profile. With this tool, you can even recover lost emails when Outlook is not responding. Have a look at the reviews that Microsoft PST repair application received for its best fix process.

 Microsoft PST Repair Tool - Testimonial

How does Outlook PST file get corrupt?

Following are some of the common reasons for corruption of Outlook PST file. Your PST file might be corrupted due to one of these reasons.

  • Improper termination of Microsoft Outlook due to computer reboot will make the PST file to get corrupt. This will in turn result in the corruption of Outlook PST file. But with the help of this Microsoft PST file repair software, you can repair MS outlook PST file with a great ease.
  • Virus infection or application malfunctioning will also make the Outlook PST file to get corrupt due to which entire data saved in PST file would become inaccessible. 
  • Accessing PST file over unsecured network or through remote storage device will result in corruption of Outlook PST file.
  • If the amount of data stored in the PST file exceeds the limited size of the file, then PST file corrupts. Even in this case you can utilize Microsoft Outlook PST repair tool and fix Microsoft Outlook PST file in few simple clicks.    
  • Errors caused while compressing the PST file can make the PST to get corrupt. 
  • While upgrading the Outlook to its new version, if some sort of error occurs then PST file may get corrupt. But somehow with the help of Microsoft PST repair tool you can repair MS Outlook PST file.   

Other than these, there are few more reasons on account of which PST file gets corrupted. But, if you take the help of this Microsoft Outlook repair tool then easily you will be able to fix Microsoft Outlook PST file in a very simple approach. Earlier due to lack of technology, it was quite difficult to fix Microsoft Outlook PST file, once it was corrupted. But as the technology progressed, some well experienced programmers developed this amazing repair tool that made repair and recovery of Outlook PST file easy.

As you know very well PST is a complex data base file, corruption of PST file is quite common. If it encounters even a minor error, it tends to get corrupt. It does not mean that you have lost all your Outlook data upon corruption of PST file. Your damaged PST file can get fixed. You can convert corrupt PST file into healthy working file at your own using Microsoft PST repair tool. It is professional PST repair application developed with advanced algorithms to repair MS Outlook PST file and to restore lost Outlook data. With the assistance of this Microsoft PST file repair software, you can also recover deleted emails from PST file and retrieve Microsoft Outlook 2010 calendar items.

Extraordinary features of this Microsoft Outlook PST repair tool:

  • Microsoft PST Repair tool can easily repair severely corrupt PST file and recovers lost Outlook data.
  • With the help of this repair utility you can repair oversized Outlook PST file in few minutes.
  • It's a most powerful repair application when compared with Outlook inbox repair tool.
  • This remarkable tool will also allow you to recover accidentally deleted emails from Outlook.
  • With the aid of Microsoft PST repair tool, you will able to fix compressed and highly encrypted PST file as well.
  • The software facilitates you to search for PST file in the hard drive. This will help you, even if do not know the location of the PST file.
  • Generates fixed PST file in Outlook 2003-2010 format for easy import.
  • It repairs corrupted PST file of various Outlook versions including MS Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, etc.
  • The software can fix Microsoft Outlook errors and rescue the stored information just in few basic steps.
  • By making use of this app you can fix Microsoft Outlook PST file on all latest versions of Windows operating system including Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista, etc.
  • Apart from PST file repair, the application can help you in repairing OST file as well.

Thus, it means that this MS Outlook PST repair tool comprises colossal numbers of supportive features that helps to fix MS Outlook PST file without any hassle.

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How to repair PST file using Microsoft PST Repair Tool?

Now let us proceed with your corrupt PST file repair process. Initially download and install the demo version of Microsoft PST repair software in your Windows computer. Once you are done with software installation, perform the following simple steps to get your damaged PST file fixed.

1: Launch the installed demo version of Microsoft PST fix utility. Select the path of PST file where it is stored in the hard drive by using Browse button. If you are not sure about the location of PST file, search for it using Find option.

Microsoft PST Repair Tool - Welcome Window

Figure 1: Welcome Window

2: Later select the preferred scan method to scan the corrupt PST file and extract the stored information.

Microsoft PST Repair Tool - Select Scan Method

Figure 2: Select Scan Method

3: Upon selecting desired scan method, set the destination path where new healthy PST file needs to be saved. Now click on Repair button to proceed.

4: Once the repair process is finished, you will the get list of recovered items. Evaluate the recovery results using preview option.

Microsoft PST Repair Tool - Preview Repaired PST File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired PST File

4: If you are happy with the results obtained using demo version, buy the full version of the software to save fixed file with recovered data.

Congratulations, you have successfully repaired your corrupt PST file and recovered all your lost Outlook data. Let's thank the software for its wonderful assistance. Since PST file always laying face towards corruption even for minor errors, rather than fixing damaged file, it is good to take necessary precautions to avoid loss of data. So always take regular backup of PST file. An effective backup will never let you think of repair and recovery.